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Nutrition and Life Coaching at our Blue Mountain Gym

Because we want to support your overall health and wellness, we want you to have access to all the resources you need. We think it is important to create a healthy lifestyle, in both mind and body. That’s why we offer services that include nutritional guidance by a licensed RDN , as well as lifestyle guidance from a certified Life and Neuro Linguistic Programing Coach. Both services are available in person at our Blue Mountain location. 

What is right for you nutritionally might not be the best program for someone else. That is why our nutrition expert, Ana Jarret, RDN, creates programs that are designed specifically for you and your dietary needs.

Our lifestyle choices and thoughts have a direct and long-term impact on our health. We are proud to offer the services of our Life and Neuro Linguistic Programing Coach, Karna Sundby, to help eliminate limiting self-beliefs and thought patterns and guide you through the decisions and choices that are best for you.

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We believe it takes a village, especially when it comes to health. Having knowledgeable experts on your team is key to helping you life the healthy live you want and deserve.

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