Functional training area
Turf Area / TRX / Ropes / Sleds / Boxes


Empower Your Core for Functional Fitness

Those everyday tasks, like lifting heavy boxes, reaching overhead, or carrying toddlers, can cause stress and strain if muscles and joints aren’t strong and flexible.

Use your own body weight to prime muscles and joints with functional training at our Hayden gym. Discover the best way to target muscles for improved balance, flexibility, stamina, and endurance.

Boost core muscles for daily strenuous activities like lifting, carrying, reaching and pulling. Functional training is great athletic conditioning too.

Functional training equipment at our gym in Hayden includes a Life Fitness Synergy 360 Training Zone with a large variety of stations including TRX, ropes, Gravity Training Systems, jump boxes, sleds, foam rollers, and kettlebells.

Develop a results-focused functional training routine that uses multiple muscle groups for increased core strength and stability.

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