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Pump Up Your Routine at Hayden Gym

Start lifting at PEAK Health & Wellness! In addition to free weights, our Hayden gym offers equipment to build, tone, and sculpt  muscles, boost weight loss, and improve stamina/endurance.

If you’re new to strength training, our trainers can show you form and technique for a safe, effective strength workout.

Boost your routine by adding a group fitness class to your schedule. Keep it fresh!

Strength training is an effective workout that also helps tone, sculpt and define muscles. Need another reason? Resistance training is also great for weight loss!

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You'll find Hammer Strength squat racks and plate loaded machines, Life Fitness machines, a Smith machine, barbells, plate loaded bars and dumbbells.

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New to the gym? Trust our trainers to help you develop a safe, results-focused routine. Ready to hit the next level? Trainers can help you break that plateau.

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